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  2. page Gerard Manley Hopkins edited Hey group, So this page is essentially an outline and set by set guideline to how our page will p…
    Hey group,
    So this page is essentially an outline and set by set guideline to how our page will proceed. Here we will post what we plan to do and post about our subject Gerard

    Manley Hopkins.
    While gathering research for your given part, create a page and post all findings in their along with sources and any sort of external links or details you may require. By doing this, Penna can see the step by step progress (or lack their of) that we are making on our page. It's really important to keep not only this page, but your personal page updated so that not only nothing gets left behind but also so we all can see what is or is not getting completed. At the very bottom of this page you will see that I have created two other pages to do what has been stated above.
    Below you will see the general outline that I have created. Let's discuss changes that may need to be altered or ideas that you may have. Don't simply just add and delete words or alter sentences to generate change but really put the time and effort into making this project successful for everyone's GPA.
    PART ONE: (Melinda)
    I plan to post a biography of
    Hopkins life including: upbringing, family life and influences (external and internal), occupation and the influences that had upon his later writing, how he got into writing and more specifically his stylistic approaches, poetic influences and consistent themes we see in his works.
    This section will also include some pictures.

    {} Gerard Manley Hopkins
    PART TWO: (Stephanie)
    I have written summaries and some interpretations of the two poems on my page, and related both poems back to Hopkins' heavy interest in God and the Christian faith. I also copied both poems onto my page for ease of reference.
    PART THREE: (Marissa)
    I plan to post Hopkins' two poems "God's Grandeur" and "Pied Beauty" with a short annotation and format/stylistic information on each poem. Additionally, I plan to include a "translation" of each poem by chunking the stanzas and paraphrasing the message in each chunk for easier understanding. I do not plan on including pictures in my section.

    Here is a link to my own page:
    Melinda's Page
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    Lord Byron
    Background Information
    {byronbwsm.jpg} Source:
    Background Information
    Don Juan and Romanticism
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    {490px-John_Clare.jpg} John ClareBackgroundClare
    This biography needs thorough revision and extensive development.

    John Clare was a Romantic poet who was born on July 13, 1793 and died on May 20, 1864. He was raised on a farm by his father, who was a field laborer and his mother, who was completely illiterate. Clare acquired only enough education to allow him to read and write. This is why Clare is sometimes known as "the peasant poet." The way Clare learned how to write in prose was by reading works from other poets such as Milton, Wordsworth, and Coleridge. In 1820, his Poems Descriptive of Rural Life and Scenery was published and became very popular. Clare was admitted into the High Beach Asylum in 1837 for depression and suffering from delusions, but that did not stop him from writing poetry. Some of his best works, such as I Am and The Peasant Poet, came from the time when he was committed. Clare escaped the asylum in 1841 and walked 80 miles home, which is described in his work titled Journey Out of Essex. Later in 1841, Clare was admitted into Northampton General Lunatic Asylum where he spent the rest of his 23 years of life, writing some of his best work.
    I Am
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    Mary Shelley
    John Clare
    William Hazlitt
    Brians,Paul. "Romanticism." 11 Mar. 1998. 6 Mar 2008 < 303/romanticism.html>.
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